Head Office in Wörnitz/Germany

Main focus Development, Quality Assurance and Production

The Head Office of our group of companies is located directly by the highways A7 and A6 in W├Ârnitz and thus disposes of very favourable transport connections. Thanks to approx. 200 collaborators in production and administration we are processing several thousand tons of paraffin per year.

We put the main focus on Development, Quality Assurance and Production of high quality candle assortments.

Highest Quality Standards

Immediately after finishing the first candle models these items are transferred to the Quality Assurance Department. Here, in order guarantee a constant high quality standard, the products are controlled and tested regarding their burning and smoking behaviour as well as concerning the dripping and the afterglow behaviour.

Also after start of the production the manufactured candles are tested by the Quality Assurance Department in regular terms according to the requirements of our customers. Thus, it is possible to guarantee constant high quality standards even in the mass production. This is also proven by the RAL Quality Label which has been awarded to the GALA-Candles Group.

In-house Development and Marketing Departments

The Development Department constitutes the core of the Marketing Department. Here the constant development of the refined candles takes place. Besides the development of high quality refined candles for the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter Collection, one of the main tasks is to realize our customers' ideas.

In the Marketing Department we are putting packaging and design concepts into practice. One of our services is the development of customer specific types of packaging which are designed according to the requirements of the individual customers. The two catalogues, released every year, are created in our company, just as the organisation of the exhibitions is effected by our own collaborators.