Candle Use Tips - What has to be observed when burning a candle?

To prolong the enjoyment of high quality products of GALA-Candles,
You should always follow the instructions on the packaging when burning candles.
Here you will find the explanations of the different pictograms, which can be found on the packaging:

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Burn candle out of the reach of children and pets.


Always leave at least 10 cm between burning candles.


Do not burn candles on or near anything that can catch fire.

Ventilate the room after use.

Avoid direct inhalation of any smoke.

Do not place candles in a draught.

Do not place candles close to any source of heat!

Place candles in an upright position.

Trim wick to about 1 cm before lighting.

Always snuff out the flame. Do not blow it out.

Always use a candleholder.

Keep the wax pool clear of matches and other debris to avoid flaring.

Do not move a burning candle.

Never use liquid to extinguish.

Do not use candles in warmers, oil lamps or closed decorative items.

Remove packaging before lighting.

Burn only outdoors.